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Thursday, May 27, 2010


It took until the final game of the regular season, but the Stihl Chainsaw Gorillas won a game. Our record heading into tournament play is 1-3-1, and while there is room for improvement (there always is), I am happy with the win. We played well, and missed several opportunities to extend our lead.
Highlights of the game begin with Austin's two goals. He broke defender's ankles left and right as he pestered the other team's back line. As much as I enjoyed Austin's goals, the missed goals were just as enjoyable. Morgan had a pretty shot on goal. It beat the goalie, but the top post was unrelenting in its defense. I can't remember which of the brothers (Matt or Austin) sent the ball through, but it was the prettiest cross I'd seen all game. Sadly, Elissa had a miscommunication and didn't get a good connection with the ball.
Our defense was solid throughout the game as well. Tisah and Gwen are ridiculous in the center, while Allison, Eric, Mike W. and I took turns playing right and left back. We shut down the offense, making the game relatively easy for Brittany and Jesse in goal.
As we begin tournament play, I feel really good about our prospects. I see the improvement in our passing game, defense, and hunger for goals. I think we'll start working the wings more. Also, we'll focus and strengthen our midfield. I'll keep you all posted on tournament play.

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