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Sunday, May 9, 2010

For My Mom (who doesn't know how to find my blog...)

As it is Mother's Day, and I happen to have one, I feel inspired to tell you how great she is. I offer a few examples of Mom's awesomeness. It is from her that I learned how to tell stories. Some of my fondest memories are of Mom having all four of us boys sit on her and Dad's seeming giant bed. There, she related stories of her childhood, as well as stories of her father. I remember sitting wide-eyed and entranced by these stories. I laughed as she placed a tack in her sixth-grade teacher's chair, and became an accomplice in her mischief. I learned from her stories perhaps more than when she lectured.
Mom also taught us how to cook. Seeing around her feet four wild boys, she decided to domesticate us. Luckily she chose cooking instead of crocheting. She would ask us to do simple things when we were little: grate cheese, crack eggs, pour milk. In return, she rewarded us with treats. When we get together now, we return the favor, and cook for her (although our cooking pales in comparison to hers). She unknowingly set her boys off on a life-long course; several of us have cooked or catered events. I personally have taught others some of the recipes that she gave to me.
For these examples (and countless other acts of sacrifice and charity), I will forever be grateful to her. Mama, I love you!

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