It's like my grandfather always told me: Mike, when life hands you Lemons, ask for a paternity test.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I found myself in another one of those "That just happened" moments last night: singing Elton John with friends as I drove to Smith's to pick up orange juice for my developing cold. Thanks to Amanda and Danielle for sharing in that moment. Also, thanks to Anna and everyone else who didn't show disappointment in the cancellation of the outdoor movie (The Sting) for an indoor movie (The Empire Strikes Back). You're good people, no matter what others think or say.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blackberry Picking

It must have been twelve, that transitory time when Tuesday night concedes to Wednesday morning, and where was I? In the thick of a thorny bush and attired in shorts and a pair of slip on Vans, I found myself and Joey Majdali picking blackberries.
We picked five to six cups, which we used in a homemade cobbler. Plan for next week: pick some more.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


For the fifteenth or twentieth time in my life, I started running again. I ran three and a half miles the other night and aim to repeat tonight after work. And every time I run, the same thought runs with me:
Why do I run?
I hate it, running. I don't mind if there is a purpose to the running; soccer and football give me a reason. But running for runnings sake seems like torture to me. Friends of mine say they run "to clear their minds," or "to sort things out." Perhaps I am not a deep think or am extremely organized, for I can only focus one thing: how much I hate running. There must be something which motivates me to run x amount of miles.
And there is.
As most of you know, my father past away at the tender age of 49 from a sudden and massive heart attack. Reason: he didn't take care of himself like he should have. That reason scares me to run. I wish there were a more superficial or selfless factor behind running: enjoyment, personal goals, marathons, etc. But those goals aren't the reason. I run for fear, scared that if I don't, I will rob children and grandchildren of their dad or Grampa. Selfish, I know, but that's the gist of the post.

Disclaimer: I do apologize for the inconsistency in thought process. Writing down personal thoughts is not easy, nor should the task be easy. That, or I am looking for an excuse for my sloppy writing. (I would choose the former excuse, but I know the latter to be correct.)

A Brief Return from a Long Sabbatical

I know; I haven't spent time on my blog in a good while. Let me recap, ever so briefly, some events of the past few months:

Playing "poolball" three times a week
Campfires nightly
Spontaneous camping trips, without planning
Found new music
Signed up for the Dirty Dash
Reconnected with Family
Other Things

There it is. Plus, I'm writing another blog post, Today! Consider yourselves lucky.