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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saturday Morning at Rimkus Park

-Leon Valley, Texas

    Catch iiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!
rang through the air,
and a scramble ensued
            three players converging
                 where the leather
                        ball might
No one catches it,
and the whole field
erupts into laughter
and  its first language.

The dark players, dressed in polos
and trainers, reset, and focus
on the duel. One stands
tall, the protectorate, a flat
bat defending three long sticks.
The other, a few paces back,
gathers speed, and hurls
the projectile. The ball takes
one bounce before reaching
the batter.

I must hit the ball merges and contrasts with Only one wicket.

The batter wins, and the ball
rises to a chorus of Catch iiiiit!!!
And I’m on the outside,
foreign to both game and language,
leaning by the sign
For Baseball
and Softball
use only.

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