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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lecture From Brian Doyle

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, we would see everything as it is -infinite." -Blake

Unusual Intelligence and Humor are interconnected; spirituality also.
Humility is the Final Frontier of Existence.

"Writing, Editing and Money"
Words are terribly weak, but must be used to understand the abstract. Examples are God and love. Are there any words more used, but also confused?
Writing matters, more than I think it does. Great writing is an arrow that is shot into other's hearts; it's not about the author. Great writing becomes a part of another. We have nothing, are nothing, if we tell no stories. Stories are Everything! As long as we tell their stories, people live on. True stories have nothing to do with fiction or nonfiction. You can knock on them, and they resonate.
Writing: Being lost in a forest, with only a sharp pen to make your way home. "Learn to ask a question and then shut your pie hole." Silence is a great tool for writing. Really, then what? Put your butt in the chair and get started. 90% of the work is sitting down and starting a story. Don't sit down to write "literature;" just get the story out on paper. Writing is cathartic and a discovery. Avoid "me." Stories are prayer, food, the past, the heart, etc. Without them, man is but an empty ego. There is something great within stories that brings people together, and give selfishness and greed the finger. Writing comes in all shapes and forms; boil it down to power, verb and courage. Let others make sense of it.
Editing: A craft, not an art. Patty Ann Rogers -Great, American Poet. Editing is about clarity of thought. Editors are sparks, motivators. Poke people to see what they should write. Editing is clarifying; Does the piece have bones or not? Personal essay and poetry are most prone to egotism. Strip away the ego, so the truth (salt) of the piece comes out. Poke the author so blood and humor come out. Find the flow within the text. You can say a lot without a word.
If you can smell, catch, or tell a story, you are Marketable!

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